Helping businesses and influencers find the right match

Project Details

  • Contract Project - designing an MVP for a pre-launch startup

  • Timeline: 12 Weeks

The Team

  • My role: Sole Product Designer

  • Team: 5 teammates with various concentrations in Development, HR, Finance, and Operations

Tools Used

  • Figma

  • Discord

  • Jira

  • Good Notes

  • ChatGPT

business, technological and design goals

A designer, developer and business analyst click into a Discord channel...

  • Business goals: Make a profit, drive conversions, and get to market quickly

  • Technological goals: Developing efficiently in as little time and effort as possible

  • Design goals: Prioritizing the needs and pain points of the user

Having an understanding of these priorities helped me collaborate with my team and create solutions that balanced all three dimensions.

problem overview

Influencer Marketing In a Nutshell

The influencer market has been growing steadily from $1.7 billion in 2016 to an estimated $16.4 billion industry in 2022.

In spite of the growth in the industry, businesses and influencers still struggle to find meaningful brand partnerships in a seamless, time-efficient and cost-effective way.


Making it easier for businesses to create and launch influencer campaigns

  1. Status updates and bird's-eye view of drafts

  2. Built-in AI tool to easily create campaign ads

  3. Ranking system to automate the process of reaching out to influencers

Just Enough Research

secondary research

What do we know about influencers?

Image alt tag

Common Influencer Type

Nano influencers (1k-10k followers) are the most common type of influencer in Canada, followed by micro-influencers.

92% of Canadian influencers are nano-influencers

Image alt tag

Demographic Information

64% of Instagram influencers in Canada are female

62% of TikTok influencers are under 25 years old

Image alt tag

How they get brand deals

Influencers get brand deals by reaching out to brands through DMs or pitching through email.

They also attach a media kit that includes basic information about their engagement data and previous work

💡 Key Insights

It is likely that smaller influencers struggle more to find brand partnerships. Therefore, I recommend beginning by targeting nano or micro-influencers with a niche offering.

secondary research

What do businesses struggle with when it comes to influencer marketing? 

Image alt tag

find it difficult to find the right influencer

Image alt tag

say measuring ROI is a top concern

Image alt tag

find that running influencer campaigns take a lot of time

💡 Key Insights

Brand-influencer fit and efficiency are two concerns that we can address in the MVP. More research would help us understand the "why"

secondary research

Analyzing Competitor Reviews In Lieu of Conducting Interviews

Finding participants, planning and conducting interviews happened alongside the MVP design. So I decided to conduct an affinity analysis on competitor reviews to ground the design on real user feedback from the beginning.

Consolidating the Research into Personas

After gathering all the research, the major themes and insights were summarized into personas and user journeys. Personas are incredibly beneficial. In fact, Forrester discovered that a redesign effort with personas can provide a return of up to 4 times more than a redesign without personas. Hence, allow me to introduce you to Gloria and Maria:

💡 Key Insights

  1. Businesses care about finding the right collaborator, and they want to do it in a fast and frictionless way.

  2. Influencers want an easy way to connect with businesses and get content approved. They often feel undervalued.

Defining The Brand Identity
Who is Feedish?

Mood board based on brand personality

brand development

Agreeing on a Brand Personality

To begin the brand development for Feedish, I led discussions on adjectives that we'd like our users to associate with Feedish:

  • Young

  • Empowering

  • Collaborative

  • Transparent

style guide

Colour and Typography

I then extracted colours from the mood board and created 12 different colour combinations until I landed on one that fits the brand best.


logo creation

The Face of Feedish

After countless explorations, sketches and iterations, I was able to create a logo that communicated the feelings of empowerment and creativity that we wanted our brand to exude!


Process - Creating the Feedish logo

For the 6B Smartphone Users
(and my parents who use the iPad for everything)

Responsive About Page

Image alt tag


Image alt tag


Image alt tag


Responsive Landing Page

Image alt tag


Image alt tag


Image alt tag


A Dashing Dashboard

user flow

From User Stories to User Flow

User Story 1: As a business, I want to quickly find influencers that match my brand so that I can increase brand awareness of my company

User Story 2: As a business, I want to send revisions and comments so that the influencer creates content that matches business standards

User Story 3: As a business, I want to keep track of communication with influencers so that we are able to build a relationships with them


User Flow - Business Side

inspiration & sketches

Putting pen to paper

I gathered inspiration for every page to study users' mental models. The inspiration sparked the design of the final sketches.

Some key design considerations included:

  1. Flexibility - Prioritizing designs that could be reused in future task flows

  2. Speed - Reducing the amount of time required to launch a campaign

  3. Simplicity - Reducing friction by guarding against errors


high-fidelity wireframes

The Best for Last

I combined colours, typography and UX principles to create the final design! Check out the key features below:


Campaign Creation Form

AI to help with writer's block

No need to write campaign details and qualifications from the ground up. Businesses can get started with a template or generate using AI!


Influencer Discovery Page

Rank influencers and save time

Businesses can rank influencers that apply to their campaigns in one sitting. If the first-ranked influencer declines the offer, Feedish will automatically reach out to the next person.



Feedish Bot will guide you on next steps

The Feedish Bot will help you move things along by keeping you updated on next steps


Drafts Page

Easily revise and approve drafts from multiple influencers

Keep track of all the influencers within a campaign and never lose sight of the status of the campaign


Feedish in Action

View or interact with the prototype below!

Watch a recording of the prototype

Interact with the prototype

user testing

What about user testing?

I conducted one round of user testing with 5 users for the Campaign Creation Form. It was helpful but also very time-intensive. So moving forward, we decided to conduct user testing through Hotjar - where users can provide live feedback on a fully functional product instead of a prototype.

Success and Learnings

key performance indicators

How would I track the success of Feedish's MVP?

Time required to create and complete a campaign

We can measure the average time it takes to create a campaign and compare it against the self-reported time for users before using Feedish. We can also conduct AB testing to find whether the AI feature works as intended.

Conversion and retention rate

How many users sign up for Feedish? How many users use Feedish to post or apply for a campaign?

How many users continue to use Feedish to find their next brand or influencer deal?

User Feedback

Hotjar has a feature where users can submit Feedback directly from the website.

Is there an overall positive sentiment toward Feedish? Are the features helpful?

key learnings

Design Lessons: Exploring the Startup World

Balancing technical, business and user needs

To ensure optimal discussions and decision-making, I learned that it was important to find a common ground born out of an agreed-upon set of criteria.

Navigating uncertainty

Being the only Product Designer on the team was exciting but also daunting. I learned to rely on my teammates for support and found that grounding my decisions in research provided a lot of clarity.

Collaborating with a developer

I worked alongside the Chief Technology Officer. I learned to design in a way that made it easier for him to analyze the design specs and to keep an open line of communication to discuss the feasibility of certain features.

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